SocComments for Joomla 1.5

SocComments for Joomla 1.5
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18 August 2012
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The plugin lets you add comments to articles on the following social networks and extensions: JComments, Disqus, Facebook, Vkontakte.

Sitifications included. You need just option Your profile.


Turn off the comments form are not required social network
Specify the size of the form of comments
Tab to sign the form of comments in their own way
Specify number of comments to display
The choice of color schemes (Facebook)
Select language (Facebook)
On / off attachment to the comments of media content (VKontakte)
On / Off publications on the wall (VKontakte)
Exclude several categories to display plugin
Exclude several sections to display plugin (Joomla 1.5)
Exclude several articles to display plugin


v. 1.1

Selecting the display order of tabs with comments
Expose the font size of the header (Comments:)
Expose the font size of the tabs comments (Facebook, Vkontakte)
Show or not the link to the download page for the plugin

v. 1.2
Added ability to display the form of comments from JComments (only for Joomla 1.5).
The form of comments JComments added to the display order (the default 1 - Facebook, 2 - Vkontakte, 3 - JComments)
It is also possible to enable or disable the form of comments JComments
You can change the tab label JComments
Improved the css style of the icon-links in each tab.

v. 1.3
Support JComments 2.3
Support Disqus
You can hide icons
You can disable og tag to Facebook
You can turn off the word "Comments", which comments on the forms
Added plugin system SocComments (You can insert a plugin using the tag {soccomments})


Bug: If you have any problems with the plug, leave your comments on the support page and they will be considered.

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